14 February 2016

You Surf While They Shear and Shape

home page for Hairstyling by Joseph in Midtown Manhattan
Web Site of Hairstyling by Joseph 
STORY SNIP When the likes of Cicily Tyson, The Shirelles, and The Ronettes visited the East Village storefront of Hairstyling by Joseph in the late1950’s, those luminaries were no different from other salon customers of the day – at least in one respect. They expected a selection of magazines to read while they waited.  

Today HSbJ is the largest black hair care salon on the East Coast.

Today the salon’s magazines are supplemented by on-premises Wi-Fi, because, as VP of Business Affairs Adrienne White explained, 
“. . . If you know anything about black hair care, you would know that our clients spend an average of two hours in the salon. And because we have so many professionals who are serviced, it is imperative that we provide them with the Internet access they desire.  A lot of business is conducted during these client visits!”
Full story by Mark Underwood for Renegade | Time Warner Cable Business Class 

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