28 April 2016

Customer Data Security Tops ISP Survey of Small Business Patrons

Data Security Tops Small Business Patron Concerns

A recent survey of more than 800 patrons of small businesses examined consumer attitudes toward company web sites, use of social media and responsiveness to product and service reviews. While some findings followed intuition -- such as the preference women express for companies which are active on Facebook -- a surprising outcome was about something else altogether.

More than any other factor, customers cited the need for small businesses to protect the privacy of data they hand over. In other words, expectations are high for companies to crunch data to personalize and target, but even higher for that data to be protected. Fully 79% of respondents cited securing their private data as the highest priority for companies they would patronize.

Note: The full story is a white label report that appears on a major telecomm site. For more, see Storyteller.tech

Image credit: Jason Baker (Flickr) 

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