03 May 2016

Kaushik's Slow Dance of Click-to-Call and Caller-to-Web

Click to Call and Call to Web: Slow Dance Required (Credit: Cliff at Flickr)
Click to Call and the Reverse: Kaushik's Slow Dance Required

Click-to-Call and Caller-to-Web technologies are increasingly visible within mobile apps, and does appear on some web sites. Increasingly, agile organizations can swing both ways: get web visitors to phone, and get support calls to refer to web resources (including peer to peer social content). 

Some technologies combine the best of voice calling and web sites. Online self-service is now the most common (one hesitates to use the word “popular”) channel for customers, according to a 2015 Forrester report.

Future collaboration tools – all reliant on steadfast Internet connectivity – will increasingly blur the distinction between video, chat, phone and web.

Avinash Kaushik’s “slow dance” strategy may be slow, but it will likely have a greater variety of personalized steps.

Note: The full story is a white label report that appears on a major telecomm site. For more, see Storyteller.tech

Image credit: Cliff | Flickr

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