13 May 2016

Text-based Collaboration Channels Still on Top

Microsoft's Chat Bot Tay 
It never gets much love, and it's never blessed with the "killer app" label, but text has much to recommend it, which is why Twitter, Facebook Messenger, Gchat, ICQ and Skype for Business are widely used. Computers and people can read it efficiently and easily. Text-to-speech and speech-to-text increasingly allow for bidirectional conversion with speech. Text can be easily annotated and bookmarked. Chat sessions fit smoothly with web content such as tutorials, eLearning modules and FAQs. Chat requires an agent who can type, but beyond that, in its simplest versions, a chat channel requires little additional training.

Future versions will be integrated with intelligent assistants and exhibit more seamless handoffs from software agent to human agent -- and vice versa.

Note: The full story is a white label report that appears on a major telecomm site. For more, see Storyteller.tech

Image credit: Microsoft on Twitter 

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